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I’m known by many different names

(Marianne Faithful)

I'm known by many different names

(Marianne Faithful)


Over the years I have accumulated a lot of nicknames and names. By the name a person addresses me, I know from what period he knows me. 


So now a lot of people call me Okas. This name was suggested to me by my teacher, Sujay Shemesh, during the Marg method facilitator training program.


It means house. The full name is Okas Jaya - the victory of the house. 


And I really feel like I'm back home. 


I come from the world of music - as a teenager I was a bassist in a heavy rock band and from there to the parties I did in the wild years in Tokyo, the Luna Club in Haifa, representing artists in the shows I did for many years (Shpongle, Ott) and producing shows, events and festivals in Israel and the world and also years on stage around the world as a DJ Trance, under the name Onyx and in Israel as part of the group in which I was a member for a good time - Limousine Express, alongside Michael Benson and Avner Khodorov (Mashina) and the vocalist May Feingold.


It was a very noisy and busy life where I didn't always pay attention to myself, my body and my feelings. 


In the last few years I embarked on a long and challenging journey, I learned a lot from different teachers and during my training at Marg I became more connected to my balance (he still continues to challenge me from time to time but we manage to get along quite well) and today I serve as the head of a team of assistants in the current training course._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_


I create, produce and host workshops and events related to intimacy, sexuality, music and basically try to create spaces where you can experience more and more of all the possibilities of life. 


Alongside this I work in a clinic with women, men and couples and if I continue to create and initiate activities that I find beneficial to the world. 


so what do i do


workshops and events


☘️ Soft Play Party


A gentle and stunning workshop that he ran last year together with Avishag Maya Zaloff and Hadas Ofek Caspi. 

This is a workshop in a different style - a kind of social event where we practice boundaries, soft touch games, intimacy and sensual energy. 

There is also cocoa and full of good music. 




🍁 Events, meetings and parties


I am constantly creating more and more types of social gatherings of different types and trying to find more ways to bring a full life to one evening - with fun, pan, freedom, love, depth, content and yes, also challenges. These are events with full awareness in which we give space to all the parts within us. 



☘️  Accompanying processes in the clinic. 


In these processes I invite women, men and couples to be accompanied by the weaving method and a variety of tools that have helped me and many others in the way of development in the emotional field, the connection to the body, intimacy and sexuality. 


🌟 Relationships

💫 Love and relationship

🌟 Sexuality

💫 career

🌟 Emotional regulation

💫 Emotional wounds

🌟 Support for withdrawal processes 


And basically for every matter that revolves around the human soul. 


I found the alternative way to be life changing for me and others. A way that combines tools in discourse from the worlds of Western psychotherapy, conscious sexuality and Tantra



🍁 team guideness



I guide activities for companies at private events dealing with intimacy and sexuality. 


☘️ Intimate Blues 


A social enterprise in the form of a silent WhatsApp group that allows many different creators and organizers to publish a variety of events, workshops, parties, courses and meetings dealing with intimacy and sexuality. 

Advertising is free and anyone who is interested or curious to know what is happening in this field should log in and get information:


Link to join the group




🍄 Those interested in receiving direct information about my events and workshops (and also to gain benefits that I do not offer anywhere else) can also enter my silent update group:




Why am I doing this?


As mentioned, I came from a very noisy and busy world where I didn't really have a place for myself. I thought I was alive, but in retrospect I realized it wasn't really. 

Today I truly live. 


I have the desire and, to my delight, the ability to pass this gift on to those who choose life, with everything they bring - because through the challenges and pains, new worlds open up that our armor does not allow us to experience. 


I chose the field of conscious sexuality for my development journey because on the face of it we deal with intimacy and sexuality, but the effect of the work is on a whole complex of emotional development in life. 


I also find myself supporting people in many other challenges such as finding a balance in their personal and professional lives and dealing with various addictions. Probably thanks to my many years of experience in the turbulent world of music. 


Undoubtedly the seemingly mischievous chakras lying down there contain the sum total of a mountainGush in a person - the good and the painful. 



Who are all these things I'm doing for?



For everyone who is looking for something beyond the ordinary, who knows that more is possible, that there is something more that can be given and received from life. 

in different forms and in many ways. 

And also, even for those who have kCourage :)


Witha lot of love,

Yaniv Gold, Okas

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