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יהודה בכר ז״ל

Alternative music and love festival
Pardes Hana

It's time to make dreams come true! 


This coming May we will open the gates for the first time to our colorful playground with our mesmerizing design and decoration and fill it with beautiful people, games & plays, workshops and excellent music.


Take a little walk to the edge of town

And go across the tracks 

Pass roads, pass the noise, 

pass the hustle, find the path

You will discover a happy and hidden village just behind the tree

It is colourful, it is rich, it is loving and free


An oasis of love wrapped in spaces

Freedom, sun, shade and trees

We’ll feel the floor and the parquet and the soil and the land

We’ll feel nature, we’ll feel the streets and have a life in it


We will dance in it and laugh

We will sing and love

We will accept ourselves and others, no doubt

This is how we play and this is our ground

This is our Playground


What’s the plan?

  • The festival will span an entire weekend, from Thursday afternoon to Saturday afternoon

  • Parties and live performances

  • Workshops with leading facilitators on intimacy, sexuality, tantra, movement, dance, yoga and more

  • Food stalls and Chai-shop

  • Pool

  • Wine bar and light alcohol

  • Art shows

  • Market with clothes, jewelry and more

  • Massage area

  • Art & creation area in body and material

  • Camping complex

  • Cuddles and intimacy zone

  • Emotional support area with professional supporters


The complex includes areas with natural soil and open areas as well as closed spaces.

The complex has organised showers and toilets.

We invite you to celebrate life, freedom, dance and love in many forms and possibilities. To meet and connect, to open your heart and body to yourselves and to the rest of the world.


Come colourful and original, come free and loving, come exactly as you are - we are here together to get all the parts. Bring your musical instruments, the accessories that make you feel good and your heart.


This is how we play on our ground. This is our playground.

יהודה ז״ל וחברים בפלייגראונד לאב - 2023

דברו איתנו

נשלח בהצלחה!

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