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Soft Play Party
Soft Play Party

Thu, Mar 16


Ein Shemer

Soft Play Party

זמן ומקום

Mar 16, 2023, 8:00 PM

Ein Shemer, Ein Shemer, Israel

על האירוע

In short (below you will find words in detail):

After the success last time (and seven events in Tel Aviv) we are coming to Pardes Hana again!

This evening that is taking shape from time to time together with you and with you enters our and your hearts deeply.

An evening full of tenderness, playfulness, boundaries, music, cocoa, touch and love.

This is an intimate and meditative evening that first of all looks inward and deeply explores our relationships with ourselves and others, with or without contact.

The topic we chose this time is healing sounds. We will work, practice and play together with live and enchanted music that will bring us with healing frequencies and soft movement to the twilight and dream zone.

We invite the audience that likes to come back time and time again and a new audience that has not yet experienced this thing called a soft play party.

Waiting for you with love, Avishag Maya Zaloff, Hadas Ofek Caspi and Viniv Gold Okas 

More details below. 

Tickets: registration is in pairs (woman and man) for gender balance (of course you don't have to be a real couple):

Units and individuals can fill out a form for the waiting list and we will do the balancing:

To smoke, you can register yourself (please indicate in the waiting form) 

More details:

Soft Play Party is a meditative journey for ourselves and within us - to the soul and the body.

It is a space that allows meeting, breathing, touching of the heart or, at your choice, a sensual touch. within your limits. whatever suits you. with whoever suits you.

This is a journey of several hours in which we connect to our most important anchor which is us and from there we go outside - to the other souls and bodies around us.

It is a collection of people and experiences and pleasant dizziness that is suitable both for individuals who want to meet new people or simply dive into themselves and also for couples who can only stay together and explore more ways to connect through the body and heart or to connect with others as well.

Our intention in this journey is a gentle, pleasant and soft journey that feels safe.

We have the usual words that tell about the event, but over time we realize that this text partially explains the experience:

Avishag Maya Zaloff, Hadas Ofek and Viniv Gold (Okas) present an event that has everything and is suitable for both old and new!

It's also a guided party, also a cocoa ceremony, also lots of touching and kissing, also games and full of connections 

We do all this in a gentle way, without nudity and without explicit genital contact.

Thus, an evening of a safer and very enjoyable space was created for him where he can play with sexual energy.

In the past times it was so pleasant, delightful, safe and fascinating for us. We also received countless pleasant and good feedbacks from you, as well as precise comments that we took to heart. We are preparing for the second round and want you with us!

Registration is in pairs (woman and man) for gender balance (of course you don't have to be a real couple):

Units and individuals can fill out a form for the waiting list and we will do the isolation. You can register yourself (please indicate on the waiting form)

A few more words:

A new space is born!

Imagine a place where you can connect, to yourself and others. To be mesmerized by the witch Cocoa and Eros (but real!). Surrender to the voice that reminds us to look from the inside to the outside. to touch. Dance. sense. to feel. get to know.

to feel sensual and erotic but also to maintain delicacy and tenderness.

Think of it as one step above the Karbolim parties and one step below the challenging temples.

Welcome to our exquisite gaming party.

From a place of personal responsibility, informed consent and clear communication of boundaries we create together a safer space to play together, connect with people and explore sensuality and pleasure.

In the evening we will drink ceremonial cocoa, also known as the drink of the gods that will be prepared in a special recipe for Hades Ofek. The cocoa is a wonderful plant that supports the opening of the heart, relaxation and the flow of pleasant sensations in the body.

***How is tonight going to go?***

We will start by creating the safe space by agreeing and practicing the common language in the space. We will move on to drinking cocoa, through meditation and breathing. And from there to games that will help us feel comfortable, and get to know each other.

In the guided part we will combine the practice of clear communication and the exploration of sensations and pleasure.

Then we will go to free time with sensual and hot music along with all the connections created in the space.

***What are the limits of the space?***

Our meeting is without nudity and without touching genitals under clothes.

Without alcohol and other consciousnesses that are not cocoa and love.

Everything that happens here, happens with the express consent of all parties.

***Why so many borders?****

We like limits, it opens up creativity and makes us move more slowly, and with much more attention.

Boundaries cause energy to concentrate (like pressing on a water pipe) and flow more powerfully. Boundaries allow us to be more attentive to ourselves on the one hand, but also more to relax and let go because we feel safe.

Boundaries allow a lot of freedom of play. Our emphasis is not sexuality, but intimacy and connection.

***What is the age range?****

We don't have an age limit, most of those who come are 30-50 years old, there are a little under and a little over.

***How many people are expected to arrive?***

We are aiming for the 80's area. To create a variety of fun people to play with.

***What if it doesn't suit me to do something?***

The most important thing for us is that each and every one does only what suits him/her.

There is no obligation to do anything.

The highest value is that everyone does only what is right for them and within their limits. Even if it means not touching anyone for the whole evening. Sometimes the most important lesson is to say no.

***What to bring?****

Come in comfortable clothes that are pleasant to the touch (no jeans for example...). Personal water bottle. A blanket pillow (something like a pillowcase can work well). can bring accessories that stimulate the senses such as feathers, fragrant natural oils.

It is important to come after a shower, and without strong perfumes.

If you smoke (it's better not to...) bring gum or actually a brush and toothpaste.

In the evening there will be no food, but only a super light snack.

It is recommended not to eat liver or drink coffee before drinking cocoa.

Location - Tana Ein Shemer studio (near Pardes Hana).

How to Register?

Registration is in pairs (woman and man) for gender balance (of course you don't have to be a real couple):

Unions and individuals can fill out a form for the waiting list and we will do the balancing:

*Tobacco can register on their own (please indicate on the waiting form) 

See you soon


  • A pair of regular cards

    Couple - man+woman

    Sale ended
  • A pair of cards on the day of the event

    Duo - man + woman

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